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Snowland by Downtown Cannabis


Snowland by Downtown Cannabis

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far, I am super excited to bring you the 25th post of Toasted n’ Posted! One step at a time, I’m sure it will not be long before I have a library of 100 or more strains for you to view! Enough celebration, let’s dig into something truly worth celebrating…a strain named Snowland from Downtown Cannabis. I have never heard of Downtown Cannabis, but I am always fairly confident when surfing the top shelf price range of about $50.00 for an eighth. Snowland is an indica dominant hybrid clocking in at 25.6% THC with a trace of only .17% CBD. Snowland is supposedly a cross between the incredibly popular LA Confidential and Snowcap. Downtown Cannabis continues their theme by sporting the Space Needle and the Seattle skyline on their packaging. While I don’t approve of bags for top shelf marijuana, I find them deserving of a jar, I have been doing this far too long to let silly things like bags discourage me. Let’s dive into this chronic!


With a name like Snowland, I didn’t know what to expect. Maybe an aroma that coaches me away from reality into a winter wonderland…boy was I wrong. Snowland is extremely dank, the foremost odor is a flat tartness. Almost like a derivative of a fruity lavender. That essence is intertwined with a subtle hashy sweetness introduced as a brief kiss of lemon or orange. The sharp spear of the Starfighter-like tartness is molted into a playful earthy flavor, like savoring the last seconds of sweet triumph brought on by surviving a Warheads candy. This bud smells extremely flowery and every breathe reassures me of its indica dominant nature. The odor is thick, heavy, and seems to dwell at the base of the jar like the low hanging fog of a dystopian universe. Under the daunting hashy haze, lies the taste of a fresh, wet, mulch…like wood chips on a playground freshly coated by the morning frost. The flower is so well-cured that it also reveals false hints of skunk from time to time.

Upon looking into the bag, I thought I got ripped off and someone sold me glitter. Little did I know that this was no glitter, but the sheer volume of trichomes coating this flower. The color of this bud ranges from a lively verdant green to a pale off-white hue. It is difficult to detect the actual color of the foliage due to the insane quantity and quality of trichomes. The well-formed resin glands bogart any surrounding light and evolve into individual lighthouses. Mid-length hairs coil around the cola basking in a tangerine glow seamlessly snaking in and out of the crystalline mass. The nuggets are short, stout, and very dense when compared to other hybrids, especially sativa varieties. The nugs are packaged into neat clusters, mounding on top of itself to form perfect kiefy lumps that crumble to the touch. Snowland takes on some human qualities as it seems to wear the most hairs right on top of its head. This starry sky mascarading as  Snowland truly shines and I have waited a long time to experience “The flavor you can see!”


I was expecting a lavender-berry like smoke similar to a Grandaddy Purple. When touched to a flame, Snowland immediately unearthed its hidden citrus qualities. While a zesty secret agent reveals himself, the other notes are very similar to a Dutch Berry. Driven into the earth, the flavor emanates candy-coated berries. Falling into your taste buds like walls of taffy from a press, the terpenes soak into your taste buds seeking to overwhelm and control your mind. While I welcomed our new overlords hit after hit, the flavor was smooth and complex. I would compare this strain’s terpenes as a cross between Dutch Berry and Orange Kush due to the sucrose sweetness and the earth bound citrus that consumes this flower. I found it especially interesting that with such a gentle body and exhale that I would let out a booming cough after almost every hit. Smoking this strain is definitely a chore, but one you love doing, perhaps a marathon is a better analogy. The underlying harshness and coughing fits are leveled out every step of the way by the delicious guardian terps.



For a strain that is indica dominant, the indica qualities seem to take a backseat in the onset of this high. Snowland’s first priority is elevating your mental state into a padded playground. I feel free to explore any thoughts my mind conjures and act with little inhibition or fear of consequence. If you were going to be shot out of a cannon, Snowland could help you get ready for it. While the uplifting sativa sensation distances itself from other competitive traits of the high, the body stone is not overlooked. Wafting in under the jet of sativa power is a subtle body high absorbing your body like a pool of Jello. While I lay in the calming Jello purgatory my thoughts are enhanced due to a feeling of distance from my senses. This ‘loss of senses’ does not incite anxiety, but comfort…it defies reality in the way that a dream world would. Snowland constructs a winter wonderland in your mind where your personal comfort and ambitions can thrive. The magnitude of the sativa high is comparable to a Green Crack or Blue Dream. The candy-berry flavor ushers you upward into the natural tiers of this high. I would say the primary difference between them is that those highs advance like a rocket and this one…more the pace of a mummy. But do not mistake the soothing onset for weakness, this high could stack up on you after a couple bowls. Too much Snowland will effectively fuse your body to a couch and leave you paralyzed in a free thinking ecstasy.



Downtown Cannabis thank you for bringing your flower to quality dispensaries such as Clutch Cannabis so I can experiment with it. Snowland was simply fantastic, and since the competing review choice was Gummy Bears (also by Downtown) they clearly have so much to offer. I have found it hard not to take home all of their strains to try. hint (let me get some samples <3) With a volatile content of around 26% THC, I was surprised that the high and smoke were as mellow as they were. That being said, even the small .17% CBD presence could have been enough to balance out some of the more violent characteristics of this bud. Thank you Downtown for placing yourself amongst the many top shelf growers in the state of Washington. I thank you all for joining me on the 25th post of toasted n’ posted and I hope you continue to stick around into the future! I also welcome strain review suggestions through my instagram @daddybonglegs.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs





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