Super Lemon Haze by Fifty Fold

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Super Lemon Haze by Fifty Fold

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Disclaimer: I am high as hell when I write these and seldom proof-read, enjoy <3

l1Super Lemon Haze by Fifty Fold

Smoking the last of your Fifty Fold is a solemn occasion fit to be accompanied by a candlelight vigil. While I am excited to explore a new strain by an old favorite, I can’t set aside my personal grievances of laying my last eighth to waste. Today we review Super Lemon Haze by the one and only Fifty Fold. Super Lemon Haze and Haze variants are almost too available in recreational markets for my liking, but how could I not see what nuances that Fifty Fold would bring through its production. They are terpene gods in my eyes, and part of me wanted my tongue to be annihilated into a bitter lemon-struck strip of bacon. Like when cartoon characters get struck by lightning, I’m trying to get there.

This particular production of Super Lemon Haze comes in at 24.51% THC which seems to be a little bit on the moderate to high end of the scale for the producer as of late. I love Fifty Fold for their comfortable range of strains that erupt with terps and maintain a healthy THC-content of 20%-26%. A cross of Lemon Skunk and former Cannabis Cup winner Super Silver Haze, this is truly a tribute to the sativa gods. I hope that Fifty Fold will renew my love for Lemon Haze varieties.

l3I brace myself as I prepare to be impaled upon a citrusy spike. The jar lured me closer and closer until it was too late.. I beheld these nugs in all of their lemony glory. This bud emanates a vile citrus that is so raw that it may come off woodsy or skunky. The odor is thick and musky, you can almost taste it. The flavor feels natural much like the air hanging over a bag of lemon zest left unsealed in the fridge. Chilled and tart, the natural lemon essence is elevated by an accent of a pinene freshness forming a welcome bridge to any near nose. With each dive into the container I am enchanted by the thickness of the odor, it is like stirring a jar of lemonade with your face. The smell alone can be a personal awakening. I dug under these smells to try to find additional tells, I found one last note I can only describe as wet grass mixed with a freshly opened pack of Starburst…predominately yellow and pink ones. There is a woodsy skunkiness woven throughout the presence of this flower.

The physical beauty of this bud matches the magnitude of the odor. The first thing I noticed about this strain was not the plant’s color, volume of trichomes, or density…BUT THOSE HAIRS. My oh my, Super Lemon Haze is covered in hairs, so orange it could be mistaken for a Cheeto. Continuing down the avenue of name brand comparisons, stout and leafy the foliage shine like Frostred Flakes. Obolong crunchy leaves lay low wearing a camouflage worthy green. Super Lemon Haze seems to be blasted with sugar, but they are encrusted in a sea of golden-yellow trichomes that casts beautifully against the strain’s naturally gloomy disposition. The leaves curl tightly to form verdant emerald  spires frozen in time, lost in a glacier of resin.

Like the arms of inmates in any jailhouse movie, vibrant orange hairs thrashed outward against the soft leafy cells of this strain. The wild sea of fiery hair seems to brandish its own sets of pearly trichomes. This strain stands tall, presenting itself as long and leafy, somewhat dense and clustered very tightly to the stem. While the raging hordes of resin highlight the leaves to give a yellow appearance, you don’t need a macro to see right through the crystal clear globes of these trichomes. As you break down the nugs, frosty shards fight hard to hang on to the stem and punish your fingers by drowning them in sticky syrup. While this strain looks friendly and fun, the pungency is enhanced at every fracture, I may pass out by the time I pack a bowl.

You better pucker up for the bitter sucker punch that this smoke delivers. This strain leads with the obvious sting of lemon carried over from its vicious aroma. Under that is what will really get you coughing, is a sharp herbal undertone that runs deep throughout the clouds. The skunky nature of this bud takes a backseat and curves the harshness of the smoke to the best of its ability. There is a mild sweetness that appears once the intensity of the smoke settles. These sweeter notes play hide and seek, occasionally blessing you with a tart kiss, other times leaving you stood up outside the movie theatre. This production is definitely more complicated than most Lemon Haze variants I have tried. The dominant lemon nature stirs with the smell of a skunky woodland and it presents many forms hit to hit. I highly recommend checking out the complexities within this flavor for yourself, I had never had a skunky lemon before.

l8The high that this citrusy dream unleashes upon you is simply amazing. I seldom am met with such a soaring sativa sensation. I am definitely an indica guy, but if all sativa were as uplifting as Fifty Fold’s Super Lemon Haze I could see why it is so popular. I was injected with some magical energy that made me do a ‘Street Fighter style 100-hit combo’ on my coworker until he stopped standing in the doorway. I needed to get back to my keyboard man. The high is playful and reassuring and would be an excellent copilot for any outdoor adventure. I would not smoke this before a quiet event like an opera or a funeral, this strain encourages giggles and stimulates your inner child. Just to be clear, I don’t condone getting blazed before funerals unless it is what your buddy would’ve wanted. Wow, weird tangent. This speaks to the awesome power of this bud to send you down strange paths of thought or conversation. I am stimulated, uplifted, and ready to attack the rest of my day…which is unfortunately coming to an end. Even a few hits of this pungent specimen will launch you back into a manic assault on your errands. I think this strain will greatly benefit those who have especially low motivation to get off of their couch.

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Fifty Fold showed me how to love again. They have shown me that there are many complexities to be layered within Super Lemon Haze and I shouldn’t write off Lemon strains as the same old thing. I will now correct my foolish ways and welcome all Lemon Hazes and sativas in general with open arms. Just when I think other producers start to match or outweigh Fifty Fold’s quality, they steal me right back into their arms. Fifty Fold brings flawlessly cured bud to the table with impressive terpene profiles. All of the strains that they produce have their own unique high and you really do have to try them all!

Stay high and stay blessed,

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