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Fire Bubba by Gold Leaf

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A routine visit to the lovely Clutch Cannabis brought me in contact with this potent specimen of Fire Bubba. The origins of Fire Bubba are a little unclear, but I believe that OG Kush and perhaps other kush specimens play a part in its composition. One thing is for sure, this flower is stanky danky. With a recent harvest date, Fire Bubba is carefully cured to a crunchy perfection. Bubba radiates psychoactive goodness with a THC content of 23.39% and just a sprinkle of .06% CBD to level it all out. I have little experience with Gold Leaf as a producer, but I am always prepared to use these reviews as an excuse to get more familiar!

Gold Leaf is a great example of accurate branding because their flower truly shines. If you are not stricken blind from the light reflecting off of the hordes of trichomes you can admire the variety of color this foliage has to offer. Ranging from a light lime green to rich forest hues and even small crackles of purple, Fire Bubba looks like it is ready to explode. The smaller spires of the cola seem to compete as they try to climb over one another. Though obscured by the blizzard of resin glands, the nature of this flower allows you to really dive in with your eyes and explore the valleys and gaps between leaves. Almost like spelunking, exploration into these gloomy verdant caverns reveal stunning walls of trichomes hanging like stalagmites. Tracing the entire flower are long winding hairs wearing burnt crimson. This flower is truly immaculate to behold, and the smell doesn’t fall far behind.


Man, every blinding trichome seems to weigh pound for pound with terpenes in this strain, this flower will surely impress surrounding nostrils. Pepe Lapew rolls deep within the skunky essence of this bud. A skunky sweet aroma aggressively churns in the jar awaiting any available gap to fire out of. Fire is an appropriate moniker due to this strain’s capacity to singe your nose hairs right off. There are no subtle qualities of this odor, even underlying the voracious skunk is an acute tartness seemingly rooted in some kind of berry.  The thick, musky skunk essence of this flower fully embodies the term ‘dank.’


My oh my, the orchestra of sensations you experience when you touch this volatile leaf to a flame. The first impression of skunk falls in like the gargantuan column of a collapsing ancient city in Indiana Jones. If you are not crushed by the instantaneous freefalling stone, you will be tickled with a cough-inducing light tickle of lavender. The floweriness of the linalool intertwines savagely with the skunk to produce an earthy tart smoke. Once the sharp claws of this strain retract, the smoke mellows out into a rewarding hashy sweetness.  This strain is the 99% because it is trying to Occupy Lungstreet. The pulls from this flower produce thick hearty clouds that seem to protest being exhaled. The blackened matter stirs in my bowl under a righteous flame summoning a hashy candy flavor hit after hit. In all, the subdued tartness mixed with sweet earthiness produces a sensation that reminded me of eating licorice. I don’t even like licorice that much, but hell, if it tasted like this…it’s on.


This skunky knight riding in shining trichomes is not trying to save any princesses. This particular knight is more so trying to burn a couple blunts near a fireplace while watching Friday. Fire Bubba gets YOU STONED. With a belligerent indica come up you are quickly sentenced to a straightjacket of psychoactive pleasure. Movement is far from the first thing on your mind. Despite the incapacitating body stone, Fire Bubba inspires a feeling of ease, encourages giggles, and  helps your brain conjure some weird thoughts you may or may not be comfortable sharing with a group. Like a resin glazed wrecking ball, every hit amplifies the body stone until you are no more than a doomed adventurer lost in a pool of quicksand. An added bonus to this strain, is if you had recently smoked it, the terpenes dwell for a long time and it is a nice natural association between the flavor and the high itself.

Fire Bubba leaves no part of itself behind in any measure. This strain is full-bodied in appearance, smell, and flavor. The high though, is surprisingly charming and playful once you adjust to the indica landslide. I find the high of this strain to be somewhat of a catalyst in whatever stoney endeavor you are engaged in. If you were trying to Netflix into a coma, I bet this thing would have you there in half an hour. However, I’m at my work desk typing away with a stimulating cannabis muse perched on my shoulder. Writing this review feels so natural, like a stream of consciousness. This strain definitely knocked me senseless without even realizing it, alleviating me of all anxieties, worries, and self criticism. The isolating qualities of this indica dominant stone gently wrapped me in my own bubble of self-satisfaction. I hope the wild stoney confidence that this strain bestows doesn’t hinder this article too much…. (eff proofreading lol)

Independent of any personal preferences, Fire Bubba is something to behold. Sprinkle this baby in any blunt to kick it up a notch.bam

I would definitely bring this strain to parties to nullify any anxiety around big groups. You can always count on Fire Bubba to impress guests or to lock yourself in your own world. With a unique flavor profile, a rich bulbous appearance, and trichomes that shine to compete with the sun itself…Fire Bubba is that dank. Thank you Gold Leaf for bringing a top shelf experience to the table. Also, I love your packaging, but I’ll admit I always switch jars when I get home for preservation purposes. I appreciate the time and care that Gold Leaf puts into curing their flower. (I hope I have your correct Instagram) Every trichome stood tall and in-tact and the foliage crumbles with an enchanting crunch. Thanks also to Clutch Cannabis for providing a professional, patient, and overall dope experience.  THAT’S WHY YOU ARE MY SOUTHSIDE SPOT! Also, be sure to check out the booming new cannabis locator and social media application Canfinder. The app is free for iPhone/Android and is a great place to further surround yourself with cannabis related goodness.

Stay high and stay blessed,

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