Presidential Kush by Fifty Fold

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Presidential Kush by Fifty Fold

4Presidential Kush by Fifty Fold

Happy Valentine’s Day! I intended to be reviewing Fire Bubba today, but things happen and I grabbed the wrong jar. Cannacon will surely be keeping me busy the next few days so I wanted to leave y’all with some more kiefy candy to tide you over. I feel a quaint anxiety pumping through my veins as I hope I do justice to one of my all time favorite strains, Presidential Kush. It is no mystery that Fifty Fold is my true valentine and focal point of my cannabis fandom. I apologize (sorta) in advance for going crazy with the pictures for this post.

Presidential Kush is a purple dreamboat that carries 22.9% THC and a bouquet of terpenes. I am unsure of the origin of this particular production, but some presidential is acknowledged as a cross between OG Kush and Bubblegum. Fifty Fold is a very small operation out of Spokane Valley, Washington, it is a tough wait of about 3 months between every harvest. I literally woke up at 7 am to be Fweedom’s first customer of the day at 8am and ensure I got the choicest nugs before work. That level of manic commitment is what 50 Fold’s quality inspires. They have singlehandedly justified the $16/g price point and have opened my eyes to a world of top shelf nuggets. In a way, the care they take with their buds inspired me to elevate my quest for dank and start this website in the first place.


Presidential Kush by Fifty Fold provides one of the most seductive fragrances I have ever encountered from a strain. When you gather the courage to take on this behemoth, you are instantly lost to a sea of hard hitting terpenes. We’re talking a sharp spear of fruitiness coated with a venomous lavender quality. The lavender is so pronounced it literally stings your nostrils as a skunk would. But the flavor isn’t sour and earthy, but a delectable light floweriness that is near indescribable. This strain perfectly embodies the qualities I look for in purples and all indicas really. This foliage pulses hemorrhaging its aromatic gravity.

I remember a cereal, I think it was Cinnamon Toast Crunch, advertising “A taste you can see!” Well, this is a taste you can smell, this ferociousness of this flower tears through your skull penetrating all of your senses simultaneously…off of the smell alone. I am not even close to overhyping the significance of this strain. Under the jet stream of lavender-fruit, slightly herbal earthy notes reveal themselves. Deeper down, the flower proves to be additionally citrusy and sweet. Overall, I would compare this bud’s fragrance to an electrified fruit punch.

With a smell in a league all of its own, Presidential does not slow down with its appearance. This strain is quite something to behold, a cornucopia of green, crimson, and purple. Each individual bud is stunning regardless of size, each nug is perfectly cured to give way to pathways of flawless trichomes and glistening leaves. Presidential Kush is almost a moon rock within its own design, this flower is encrusted in dank trichomes. The resin glands horde together to appear like a bird’s eye view of two warring armies. The crocodilian green thrashes against unquenchable walls of purple, both alight with the roaring fire alive in these trichome troops.

The resin contrasts beautifully against the array of dark leaves that compose Presidential Kush. Winding orange hairs wildly burst from the core of these buds like the long tentacles of Cthulhu. Long hairs dive into the dank purple leaves and coil around them as it seems they too are trying to get closer to the epic presence of this flower. Some predominately purple strains are only surface-deep but rest assured this flower flows violet throughout. I occasionally struggle with attaining quality macro shots, but Presidential practically poses for phenomenal photos. She knows exactly how good she looks.



As I reduce this Grimace to a pulp in my grinder, lavender lightning crackles and fights out of the turning grinder and launches into my sinuses. Once again stunned, I cannot help but be slightly intimidated by what flavor this flower will bring. Leaf to flame, this strain takes my breath away. The smoke clouds have an insanely heavy presence, even for experienced indica smokers. Like a light saber the lavender fire cuts through me effortlessly. In awe of the torrent of flowery berry, I am soothed by the hashy herbal nature lying deep within the cloud. Now spicy/herbal terpenes aren’t usually soothing, but in the shadow of the monolithic presence of flowery-lavender I can find relief in them.  I would swear that you get a secondary high or effect off of the flavor alone. The white hot aura of Presidential Kush launches you far above your high until you carefully drift down into it. This strain fills me with nostalgia and comfort as it reminds me of smoking a spicy Capri Sun. This flower also tested extremely well in my indica-chicken test, this smoke had me salivating and mentally savoring a nice fried chicken.


The high this smoke provides should be accompanied by an angelic chorus. Descending from the tornado of flavor brought up by each hit, I am carried down onto a cloud. Presidential Kush emphasizes a quality indica stone, I am able-bodied but wrapped in a suit of pleasure. While my mind figuratively reclines back into its lazy boy chair, I relax beyond relaxing. I pass the realm of physical comfort and am solemnly at ease in a metaphysical realm as well. In my own world, I can think clearly and uninhibited by emotion. I would recommend this effect highly for those who experience smoker’s anxiety or have other strange reactions. My body quakes with euphoria and pleasure, my mind runs wild with silly memories and farfetched connections. This is definitely a strain that will get you caught laughing at yourself.

While the isolating body stone is quite profound, I pursue the strange conversational paths that this strain encourages. Especially in groups, this bud proves to be a natural segue for any series of activities or debates. The opposite is also true, (and what most will probably experience) this flower is perfect for doing absolutely nothing and getting way too involved in a Netflix series. I find this bud gives me a quiet enough head that I can realize things that I don’t normally, a gift of stoney foresight. This enhanced vision is what makes Presidential a surefire day to day companion. I experience this unique clarity with a variety of Fifty Fold’s strains.


I still don’t feel like I’ve effectively explained the avalanche of dankness that is Presidential Kush by Fifty Fold. You really have to see it to believe it, I’d be interested to see if other people experience the same wrestling match with it that I do. Fifty Fold, thank you for producing strains that remind me what it truly means to be stoned. You glorify quality terpenes and curing, it shows every step of the way. Also shoutout to Fweedom on Aurora for dealing with my unusual pickiness when it comes to Fifty Fold.

Fifty Fold, I’ll take you as my valentine….if you’ll have me… 😉 hahaha


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