Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien by S.G.O.W.

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Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien by S.G.O.W.

c18c26Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien by Secret Gardens of Washington

Welcome back to another in-depth review from toasted n’ posted! Today we take a look at a strain that is definitely new to me, Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien. Between the combination of the fun nomenclature and the trusted stamp of Secret Gardens of Washington, this pickup was a no-brainer. Crouching Tiger is a hybrid of Starfighter and Tiger’s Milk promising 23.83% THC. I’ve never tried Tiger’s Milk, but Starfighter seems to be a parent that S.G.O.W. loves to cross into their productions. I can see why, in my experience, Starfighter fires out a fierce sour pungency and a unique tartness that I’ve experienced in other strains such as Gas Mask.

Let’s take a closer look. I break the seal standing between me and this canister of euphoric pleasure. It all starts with the unexpectedly complex odor of this flower. The emphasis takes a skunky pungent form that echoes throughout the earthy body. But that would be putting it too simply, there is a mild tartness that kicks into your nostrils with every inhale. I see this as a similarity in Gas Mask as well, it must be a trait of the common denominator, Starfighter. The extreme thickness of the odor is comparable to the odor sitting at the bottom of a half-eaten bag of dried fruit. Not exactly fruity, but naturally sweet. I am charmed and entranced by that mellow pungency radiating from the jar.


c21c8A pale lifeless green characterizes a majority of this flower’s color. These nugs could serve as a poster child for healthy bud structure. This flower is lumpy and leafy, but still holds a dense quality to it. The layers of leaf peel away like mounds of cotton candy. The thick foliage bundles tightly inward to form a dense mass. The flowers are very stable looking, and there is ample room between the stems and branches providing a fluffy appearance. This healthy hybrid bares reversed tiger stripes as small lines of orange hair emerge from out of the crust. The tasty mass of faded green is consumed by the glow emanating from its crowds of trichomes.

The resin glands glow so intensely that Crouching Tiger seems to drift in and out of itself. The flower itself seems to cultivate the sensation of an out of body experience within its phenotype alone! I can’t wait to see how that translates into a psychoactive journey. The flower is coated in so many ranks of trichomes it redefines the lifeless green hues with an even more worn appearance. I reduced these proud flowers to shreds in my beloved Pokémon grinder and I was overcome by a reborn level of the original odor. Seemingly awakened by my insolence, like the guardian of an ancient temple, Crouching Tiger rose up and spat a jet of sweet skunk into my soul. I stopped, dropped, and rolled into the earthier notes within the smog as to not be ignited by the white hot sweetness of Crouching Tiger.


Leaf to flame, I am taken by a cyclone of tart sucrose sweetness. The smoke most resembles a sugar that was brought out of a super skunky base. My mind was inclined to choke at the toke, but the cloud precipitates into a highway of smooth resin. Any prolonged harshness is dulled by the mellow avenue of resin that curves the rest of the cloud into more sweet flavor. The hashy tar mixed with the natural candy flavor of this flower provides a blissful slurry to segue into its powerful high. Immediately I felt my brain fall back like a car seat. I mean that when you adjust your seat in your car, you drop back a couple notches. Well that is indeed what my brain did, relaxed and receded back a couple notches into an ocean of free flowing thought.

The nature of this high is hyper euphoric, but I am impressed by the performance of my extremities and the balance in my mind. I was not stumbling, stuttering, or slurring but neatly packaged into my own hidden veil of pleasure and manic amusement. During the whole time my being was captivated by this bouquet of unique feelings, my body was set into a comfortable mellow and I could feel nothing but comfort coursing through my veins. I truly adore this high combined with the last traces of that divine sugary flavor that this flower designed. Each wave of domineering resin makes the succeeding hits smoother until they feel to be no more than air. The more time you spend enveloped in the friendly embrace of Crouching Tiger, you are susceptible to becoming sluggish and sleepy. But with a cup of coffee and a fun mission in mind, Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien is a phenomenal companion.

c1c7Crouching Tiger is an extremely potent and versatile strain. Boasting complex flavors and a journey of a high, I will continue to include this strain in my rotation. This flower is genuinely sweet and a welcome switch up anytime! The high is euphoric, relaxing, but also inspiring. You’ll need the inspiration to combat the formidable body high and occasionally distracting nature of the high. But that pales in comparison to the soaring sensations and wealth of comfort this strain provides. I highly recommend Secret Gardens of Washington as they have delivered unto me, yet another smash hit! Also, special thanks to Clutch Cannabis for always being cool and helping me isolate this baby. Much Love.


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