Orange Poison by SubX

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Orange Poison by SubX


Orange Poison by SubX

Happy Sundaze! I have to be honest, this Orange Poison has me so high right now, I’m not even sure how I am going to do this review. Anyway, Orange Poison completes an interesting theme for the weekend when combined with yesterday’s review of Gas Mask. Orange Poison might be an accurate name considering this baby packs 27.6% THCA into her fangs and looks ready to spring from her container at any moment. Once again, a producer brings quality packaging to the table, I love glass jars. All stoners love jars, producers…if you jar it…they will come.screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-12-00-57-pm

I’ve never heard of this strain and am unable to discern its lineage or origin. All I care about is that it is here now, I am ready to crack this cap. Immediately I am lost in a nebula of vile freshness. After the devastating pinene lance, Orange Poison follows up with a flat orange odor. The smell honestly reminds me of Tang powder mixed with pine trees, it is really something to behold. As I buried in my nostrils into the jar for a couple minutes, I felt my self actually get high off of the odor. Under the seductive fresh orange there is a sweet earthy base. Based off of the smell and phenotype, I would wager a guess this is a cross of Durban Poison x Orange Kush.

Orange Poison is a bushel of gloomy foliage misted with golden kief. The leaves wear a stygian green that highlights a ladder of tangerine hairs that crawl up the sides of the flower like ivy to a home. Resplendent crystalline trichomes happily absorb any beam of light it can. Leafy and soft to the touch, the buds have an admirable structure into acute cones. The glacial spire of shadowed green is only visible because of the insane volume of golden trichomes it dances in. This flower is light, fluffy, with a styrofoam crunchiness. screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-12-02-06-pmscreen-shot-2017-01-22-at-12-03-57-pm

I ecstatically touch my flame to the ground mountain of leafy goodness that sits in my bowl. The hit holds true and feels like a shot of raw Tang powder, a tangerine flavor with a sucrose sweetness. The smoke has an earthy base but it is buried under the layers of palpable citrus. Many strains with ‘citrus’ flavor walk a blurry line of lime, lemon, orange…but this flower specifically echoes the flavor of orange. Each pull has an extremely harsh edge masked under its mellow fruity presence.

The powerful high of Orange Poison was fully introduced during one of my many coughing fits. The tangerine toxin crawls to the back of your throat and snakes up the stem of your brain. The first effect I notice is an intense body stone, especially for a sativa dominant strain. Orange Poison quickly evacuates your sinuses so be sure to have a tissue handy. The more of this spectacular flower you enjoy, the razor edge dulls into an earthy sweetness touched by light spice. By this time, I am extremely stoned and cannot begin to wonder how  a sativa could bring such a prolific body stone.


After about 45 minutes, the magnitude of the body high subsides and what remains in a pleasant bouncy sativa. I feel the most natural comparison to the high being that pivotal moment in movies where the main character goes for a walk and they queue up “I’m Walking on Sunshine.” After being freed from the binding indica effects, I was newly energized and uplifted. Tranquil and focused, I was able to plan the rest of my day while still under a faint sedation. This leaves you an active participant in your day, but ‘far’ enough away that nothing could bother to bother you. I am anxious to renew this high and ride it out all day!


I don’t always follow the advice of budtenders, but today I was glad I leaned into their recommendation. Orange Poison is a very strange type of harsh. It’s delicious and smooth but has such a thick body that you are sure to be coughing. My favorite part of Orange Poison was getting to play with terpenes that actually produce the extraordinary essence of orange. It’s nice to know that there is room within a sativa hybrid for such a powerful body high, especially for an indica favoring smoker like myself. I will surely recommend this strain to others for an effective wake n’ bake. SubX truly provides a top shelf experience and I look forward to falling into their other productions. I had never heard of SubX prior to today, but I will surely hold them in high regard from this day forth.


Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs


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