Gas Mask by S.G.O.W.

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Gas Mask by Secret Gardens of Washington


Gas Mask by Secret Gardens of Washington

Happy Saturday stoners and stonettes! I am overjoyed to dip into another top shelf strain for today’s review, Gas Mask. I have never heard of such a strain, but with my obsession of smoking out of them, I could not pass up this opportunity. I discovered this lethal green at Clutch Cannabis in South Seattle. A hybrid of one of my all-time favorites; Cherry Pie and the superstar strain Starfighter. I’ve never had the pleasure of trying Starfighter before, but I have heard many musings about this legendary cross. Gas Mask boasts an explosive charge of 25.77% THCA and an additional 6% of unlisted cannabinoids. Needless to say, that 6% can provide a lot of delicious nuances through CBG or CBD or others!  I am excited to see which rare formations of cannabinoids will step forward. screen-shot-2017-01-21-at-1-15-44-pmscreen-shot-2017-01-21-at-1-18-06-pmTo pay homage to the name Gas Mask, I decided there would be no better way than to test it through my ol’ pal Randy. Randy has been my gas mask for years and is my favorite way to smoke. I am so ready to take this review to the next level!

Locked away behind two airlock doors, I finally felt safe enough to crack this jar of dynamite. *pshhhhhtt* I crack the barrier of this beautifully decorated jar. The brand has its presentation down pat, I applaud the packaging as it often speaks to the quality of the bud as well. Not all of the time, but if a producer takes that much time with their packaging, imagine how much passion they channel into their product. My reckless actions led to me being captivated by a tart, sweet jet of skunkiness. A formidable odor is laced with after notes of citrus and berry. At the bottom of this pulpy goodness, I detect some spicy/herbal layers. The odor is so fierce it bares the same magnitude of spoiled milk, but in a fantastically dank way. It is so powerful you are left no choice but to dip your whole nose in the jar. After much thought, I decided to deem this smell the Warhead cannabis equivalent. I loved those sour candies so much, it is the only comparison fit of Gas Mask’s defiant tart-sweetness.


Coated in blinding trichomes, the Gas Mask nuggets seem to glow and sparkle. These radioactive flares cast a sea of shadows against dark green leaves. I attempt to connect the constellation of crystals that seem to dictate my stoney fate. Entangled in stout full-bodied hairs, this strain appears to be rampant with little fuses and ready to blow at any moment.

This flower is leafy and friendly, but further inspection reveals the sheer density of this bud. It truly takes effort to snap these perfectly cured gems. Narrow gaps between the adamantine leaves give way to speckles of divine purple color and irradiated green. As I muster the strength to break down these fragrant boulders, each fracture reveals rows of trichomes more spectacular than the last. Gas Mask appears to be a cocoon of fun.


Ground up, Gas Mask is a puree of green flesh tossed with shards of its formidably structured hairs. The fibrous strands jut out of the pillowy green mess like sunken arrows. After a few brief prayers, I take my first hit and am met with an acute delectable berry flavor. The overwhelming jet stream of berry bulldozes deep into my lungs. The commanding cloud kicks up a potent chemically lavender flavor in its wake. The refreshing blend of heavy indica terpenes scatter like buckshot into any and all available tastebuds. But even the massaging lavender-like essence is not enough to dull the penetrating blows from each hit. Smoking this herb is like inhaling white hot fire. In this way, it is a test of trust and ability. If you panic during the wild initial presence you are doomed. If you are steadfast and hold your ground, the raging flames will meet an eventual wall and boil down into more delicate notes of flavor.

I often associate such extreme pungency with Chemdawg which I believe plays a role in Starfighter’s composition. As soon as I exhaled my first hit I could already feel my body begin to sink into itself. A soothing quicksand envelops my head and chest. Tickled by this delightful indica sensation, I truly am able to relax. I am certainly void of stress and anxiety, but otherwise experience very little change mentally. About 8-10 hits into the session, the true power of Gas Mask is unleashed!


(Before and After Photos)

I hesitantly label this strain as a creeper, but it is not ever far behind you. A thick smog encapsulates my head and floods it with a ‘styrofoam’ sensation. Basking in the comfortable fog, I was suddenly plummeted down a pit of introspection. My mind was a quiet classroom, where I had all of the tools and time I needed. This strain coaches your thoughts along and I felt my general level of comprehension to be enhanced. This stimulative aspect of the high pales in comparison to its indica characteristics. Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down. 

Gas Mask is a powerhouse of a strain. An insane cyclone of flavor, sending you into a comfortable pillow that was once your body. Entertained by calm thought, and top notch terpenes, I could enjoy Gas Mask all day. I want to thank Secret Gardens of Washington for leaving a lasting first impression with me. I can’t wait to explore what other strains you offer considering you took such fantastic time and care with your strain Gas Mask. I am proud to have you amongst the ranks of fine producers in the state of Washington. I hope I get to see you guys at Cannacon in February and thank you in person!


Stay high and stay blessed,

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  1. Every product I’ve sampled from Sectret Garden is top notch. From the packing to the product. The strains they’ve accomplished is nothing short of genius. Thank you for cultivating a product that is trusted and enjoyed.

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