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Blue Power by Fireline Cannabis

bp7Blue Power by Fireline Cannabis

Surprise! I was able to sneak in an extra review during my frenzied work week. I bring to you the gift of Blue Power by Fireline Cannabis. Blue Power is an explosive indica dominant hybrid with 23% THC. This powerhouse is the offspring of three legendary strains; Master Kush, The White, and Blue Moonshine. Master Kush is one of the truest kush productions I have come to know. The White is a crystalline rock which is one of the closest ways I have come to smoke hash in flower form. (Thanks Solstice) Blue Moonshine is a hybrid of two flavorful landraces and I believe it is also one of DJ Short’s more popular creations. DJ Short is a master of blueberry flavors and I can’t wait to see what fruity riot he incites here.

bp6This was the first time I had tried a product from Fireline Cannabis, as well as my first experience with Blue Power. I’ve read about it in scattered forum posts, but it is finally here…in my clutches. The Power stems long thin leaves widely fanned apart. These open gaps in between these sativa emulating leaves are dominated by colonies of crystals. The long illuminated foliage jolts out towards me trying to bridge its shocking odor to my nostrils. Even this flower’s color surges, the leaf seems to be uncompromisingly polarized to a hue of a pale, playful lime and an electric dark green. The hairs on this plant are different than the types I most commonly encounter. These hairs seem human-like in the way they have a thin, smooth form and fluently curl. Set apart from the jagged tangerine bolts that most plants have. These eerie hairs appear only in bursting pockets, tufts of hair tucked into small armpits. The constellation of trichomes connects the plain tops of the leaves to the stalagmite resembling bottoms. Highlighted by the small transition between the rich underside and the barren plain, the strain is already unique in so many ways.

The reason why I was drawn to pickup this strain was the display in the store. They had each strain displayed out of the jar in a small, clear plastic box. I swear to god this flower was a lifeless blue, like it had been asphyxiated. Sad to say they didn’t seem to be as blue, or blue at all in my jar.  As I removed the tasteful cork lid for the first time, a sonic boom of an absurd fruity aroma blasted through me. Sensually staggered, I dipped back in and took as big of a whiff as I could. Blue Power reeks of skunky blueberries. The fruitiness is the most dominant scent, the earthy skunk dwells heavily within the blueberry odor amplifying its potency.  This is not a direct-blueberry stop, there are underlying echoes of a lavender fruit similar to God’s Gift or maybe a low profile Granddaddy Purple.

Blue power is apparently a damn werewolf the way it’s color completely changes in varied light. I was initially bummed out that my grab wasn’t blue like the one displayed in the store. Like 45 minutes into photographing, I moved the jar, walked past and saw the same hue of the store featured nug. I can’t wait to smoke this karma chameleon.

Fighting against the torrent of flame, Blue Power gives in releasing a flurry of flavor. My oh my, blueberry pie. The smoke stung my tongue with the most righteous flavor of blueberry that I have been blessed with in a while. The blueberry has a rocket ship freshness similar to the penetrating nature of diesel. The trailblazing blueberry notes pave the way for relaxing echoes of lavender to fall in. The exhale vibrates with relaxing sweet-lavender flavor. Like a flower-born dragon, I stomp my feet and blow enormous fragrant clouds one after the other. As the smoking continues, the flower presents a neutral earthy quality that dulls its offensive nature. This stuff is so sweet I could smoke it all day.

Contrary to its violent phenotype, the high produced by Blue Power is exceedingly mellow. I have to say, part of what makes the high so amazing is the flavor. Getting to bask in the afternotes of those beautiful terpenes is reward enough, but I by no means intend to downplay the worthy high that accompanied. A bucket of cool water envelops your head, sparing your shoulders and the rest of your body. You are at peace, the compounding waves of calm bring you almost a ‘sensory tank’ experience, where you do not think more because you are stimulated, but the opposite. While floating through this blueberry purgatory, I am still conversational and feel inspired to finish this article. This flower boasts the great qualities of a Blueberry indica. It carries enough calming qualities that it wouldn’t freak out greenhorn smokers, despite the utter lack of CBD in this strain.

bp13I was extremely hesitant to give Fireline a shot, I for some reason was not attracted to the branding. However, the cork on the jars are a fantastic touch and your flower truly shines. You keep a competitive price point and helping smokers get this caliber of flower for a reasonable number is something to be commended. Fireline Cannabis is a rarity when it comes to trying new things. I am occasionally disappointed by ‘newer’ producers, but Fireline is ready to clash with the titans. I look forward to your future productions!


Stay high and stay blessed,

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  1. I have to agree. While I don’t have your fabulous vocabulary, the high Blue Power gives is unmatched. I love it and I enjoyed reading your review.

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