Strawberry Fields by Skörd

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Strawberry Fields by Skörd


Strawberry Fields by Skörd

I have been waiting for this day all week! Today we review Strawberry Fields by Skörd. Strawberry fields is a derivative of the often volatile Strawberry Cough, though it is unclear to me exactly what her parents are. What is interesting about Strawberry Fields is that it has previously been labeled as an indica, hybrid, and I know I regard Strawberry Cough as a sativa. It will be interesting to see where Skörd’s production will fall on that meter. For now, the jar labels it as a hybrid with 13.52% THC and .16% CBD. I realize this is the first time I’ve even read the stats on this strain. 13% THC?! I would never normally buy something that low. I picked up this strain solely off of the recommendation of a colleague. I am not put off by the low THC content, as much excited and intrigued as to how this bud will rise to the occasion and earn that ‘Top Shelf’ title.

This flower makes a hell of a first impression. Before you can even gaze upon this green Medusa you are frozen by a jet of her sharp fruitiness. The most dominant of her scents are that of sweet, fragrant berries. The soft measure of it’s strawberry flavor works overtime to balance out it’s fresh sourness that is reminiscent of diesel only with a smoother edge. At the bottom of this well of flavor, lies the presence of an earthy rock.
If you dare gaze into the eyes of this paragon you will be lost in the array of color. It is hard to define the colors of the actual leaf because this nug is consumed by tight bronze hairs and sits in a sea of golden trichomes. The trichomes stand out tall and provide remarkable contrast against the lime and forest green leaves. This flower seems to give off a ‘golden aura’ as it attempts to hide under the domineering hairs and crystals.
The buds are so dense, that I initially thought I may have gotten ripped off. I thought someone may had just sold me 3 rocks he rolled in hunks of hair and kief dust. It is far easier to see the trichomes and hair than it is to see the green coloration buried underneath. I love cracking dense flower in a grinder and just watching it plume into a mountain of glorious verdancy. Let’s get crackin’!!!
The flower was torn apart into a cascade of leafy goodness and battered trichomes. I couldn’t wait to see how these odors translate into its smoke. The inhale initiates a very harsh sensation polished by a subtle earthy sweetness. Once I adjusted to the magnitude of the formidable clouds I am rewarded with a delicate touch of true strawberry flavor. I couldn’t believe it, a flower that actually resembles strawberry. I’m not talking about deciding it was strawberry through a series of self-inflicted Jedi mind tricks, but a true strawberry nature. In response to the sharp berry amusement, I recoil my tongue in attempts to bat the delicate flavor deeper into my taste buds.
Frantically trying to absorb more of this flavor, as I exhale and the dynamic cloud dissipates. But wait. What is this? My pallet was again entombed with that same authentic strawberry flavor. It is truly rare to find a flower with this strong of a followup, let alone a whirlwind of strawberry.


The first thing I notice about the high is how smooth the come up it is and how balanced it was. The high is initially so uniform I struggled to place it as either indica or sativa. Strawberry fields provides a very mellow body high, however, not one I am comfortable calling the traditional indica experience. This body high is unique, it feels like a little bit of magic dust had been poured in all of my joints and I was ready to bound away like a gazelle. I wasn’t particularly inclined to move at the moment, but if I did…you bet your ass it would’ve been graceful and gazelle like.

My head is stirring with a benign buzz. I am swaddled in the warmth of the afternoon sun and and that of the friendly Strawberry Fields. The semi-indica dominant come up is dismissed quickly by a rocket of creative energy. The feeling is not overpowering, but it definitely steals your focus when it hits you. Shortly after, you blink your eyes to witness a world coated in a new layer of vividness. Everything that was green was greener, and the sky is a renewed piercing blue. Even the egg white color of my dog seemed to be eerily highlighted in these moments. A slight heaviness fell into my chest, but in no way unpleasant. It was like receiving a hug from within your body.

I am hit with wave after wave of seductive strawberry flavor. This strain approaches as very calming and nurturing. I believe this flower has a built in ‘safety’ as I smoked bowl after bowl and any excess or uncomfortable feeling was instantly readjusted to remain infinitely mellow. I feel that this smoke is very intuitive to meet the needs of the user. This flower can be dank enough for a true pothead and mellow enough not to scare off the greenhorns. With the overall mellowness and the presence of CBD, I do not think anyone could have a negative experience smoking this flower.

Thank you Skörd for providing a resonating first impression with me and proving that THC content isn’t everything. I always encourage people to try and find the flavors and effects that suit them best versus just going with the local THC powerhouse. There is nothing wrong with loving THC, I just try to teach myself to appreciate more than that lone quality of this labyrinthine plant. I really needed a positive experience with strawberry resemblant terpenes and Skörd surely delivered.

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Stay high and stay blessed,

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