Head Cheese by Emerald Evolution

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Head Cheese by Emerald Evolution


Head Cheese by Emerald Evolution

Happy Sundaze, it’s time to blaze. Our next stop on this diesel-fueled weekend brings me to a brand new contender, Head Cheese. I have never tried this particular strain or any flower from the grower Emerald Evolution. *raises glass* Here’s to trying new things! This is also the most I have paid for an eighth in a while, so I will not only be appraising the quality of this bud but the validity of the $55.00 price point. Let’s throw caution and terpenes to the wind, and dive right in!

I was surprised to find that Head Cheese is the volatile child of 707 Headband and the infamous UK Cheese. There are already so many stories and pieces of literature about UK Cheese and Headband has always been one of my favorite teases. Head Cheese flexes 22.7% THC, .20% CBD, and 2.39% CBG. Cannabigerol or (CBG) is a more recently discovered aspect of the plant. It seems to be similar to CBD in the same ways that it will ‘balance’ the high, counteract the anxiety of the come up, and may also decrease muscle tension. There is still much we don’t know about CBG or this mystical plant in general. This is the first company I’ve seen in a while to bother posting CBG statistics. Well done, keep exploring!


I captured this baby for all you cheeseheads out there! When I think of ‘cheese’ in terms of cannabis, I think of the classic essence of Blue Cheese or UK Cheese. A dense, rock-like, nugget of gold reeking of a rich bag of stanky cheese. Head Cheese is very different, but a welcome innovation. Before I even smelled any cheese my nose was stuck with lightning bolts of fragrant diesel. The citrusy diesel masked the thick cheese undertones, I was able to unveil the cheesy essence after a few more sniffs. There is additionally a very low lying candy-earthy-hash breath to it. With a complex odor hitting terpenes popular in both sativa and indica dominant strains, “She ain’t too bad to look at neither.”


This flower is covered in hairs but they are so short and pressed tightly to the plant you could smoke it without noticing them. Dark brown arms, crumpled into the dense crust of this monster nug. I enjoyed picking up the biggest bud and dropping it in a glass jar over and over again. The insane density of this flower produces a most satisfying ‘clink’ when it echoes through a glass jar. BUT WAIT, there’s more! These nuggets parade a handful of enticing lime color. Head Cheese literally looks like a moon rock that is ready to roll, this baby glistens with golden THC. I love dense nugs and obliterating them into a sandstorm of kief. The trichomes on this plant stand so differently from the ones I’ve seen lately. It is like they are sandblasted into the fibers of this plant, it’s crazy.

Now for the smoke test! With all the craziness in the odor and the phenotype I expect the smoke to be a very climactic moment. I truly thought my stoney prowess was to be tested, I say a prayer to any god that will listen and I purse my lips for the first hit. Flame to leaf and….I was still alive. This flower smokes surprisingly friendly. Head Cheese is straight forward and reveals all of it’s secrets. (It’s probably a Taurus)

Head Cheese hits with a tasty round earth flavor. That essence is like candy and coasts smoothly across your pallet. That rollercoaster is occasionally touched with a necessary sting of diesel. This cloud has a very earthy base and a thick body similar to a premium hash. A woodsy-candy flavor tickles your tongue while the indica dominant aspects of the Skunk and Kush parents take hold. I am grounded with a profound body stone, in this moment I am nowhere. I am isolated within my own mind as I keep coaching the sherlock to my lips for another sweet hit of earth candy. The ‘come on’ is comfortable and unaggressive and I would welcome sativa smokers to venture out and try this strain as I imagine it would be balanced by the CBD and CBG present in the flower.


Like a handsome gargoyle, I stood there…awake, watching, listening. I quietly thought to myself and I tried to place the elusive nature of this flower. This flower makes you slow, but not drowsy, tired or lazy. You are just supremely comfortable, Head Cheese wouldn’t be a bad ally for walking across a bed of coals. That may be a poor example, but I could imagine the heavy body stone could be too cumbersome for some and not an effect they would choose to endure all day. I think this is definitely some Netflix and Chill bud, get a pizza, and yell at people on Xbox.

This version of Cheese was definitely different and more complex than I expected. Head Cheese is an interesting collaboration between diesel essence and a earthy hash flavor. I can see this being a definite wake n’ bake treasure for me in the future. My favorite part of this flower is the density, you would think it is trying to refine itself into a green diamond. This bud is definitely smoke-worthy but is it worthy of being $15.70/gram in a recreational state? Well, my father always said “something is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.” and I sure shelled out the bucks for this baby. Thank you Emerald Evolution for throwing out something different for me to try. Dense nugs are somewhat rare these days and they are always a treat for indica-savvy stoners like me. Keep it up!

Stay high and stay blessed,

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