Bruce Banner by Elevate Cannabis

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Bruce Banner by Elevate Cannabis


Bruce Banner by Elevate Cannabis Co.

Anyone who has been smoking for a while, or has been fortunate enough to live in a state with legalized recreational cannabis has most likely heard legends of Bruce Banner. And no, not the incredible hulk, but one juggernaut of a hybrid that has brought many-a-stoner to his or her knees. A radioactive offspring of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, this flower seems to have set the tone for a diesely  weekend of reviews. This particular production of Banner comes in at .18% CBD and 24.5% THC. However, it tested for 28.9% total cannabinoids which illuminates how little we know and how much we have to explore with Cannabis. Nearly, 4% of what makes this plant spectacular is unmeasured and still being understood. Simply smashing!

Elevate knocked it out of the park with Key Lime Pie…and I’m just now realizing I’m doing two Elevate strains back-to-back. Oh well! Credit is delivered where credit is due! Decorated in shades of beautiful lime green, this lightly colored bud shimmers with trichomes. Like frosted flakes, they’re more than good…they’re dank. The flower most resembles it’s OG Kush parent, but resembling some sativa characteristics. The flowers are leafier and slightly less dense, the stems are also skinny and more ‘wirey’. screen-shot-2017-01-07-at-3-54-00-pm

“Sativa or not, here I come!”these nugs are perfectly cured and crumble away at the touch. These masses of THC are cradled by short bronze hairs. The hairs disappear under the camouflage generated by the array of green this flower boasts. On first impression of this bud, I get strong whiffs of zesty and flowery flavor, very benign. Under that, I detected citrus, a soft fruitiness packaged in a woodsy-green wrapper. After a few more sniffs I sought out the strawberry notes and found them the more I looked for them.

The first hit is ushered in with a slight sharpness of diesel. Then I was launched into a soft strawberry mattress. This smoke is proving to contain much more strawberry influence than the smell test attested to. I daresay that the OG Kush citrus flavor is somewhat lost under the light entertaining floweriness of Strawberry Diesel. After a few more hits the strawberry disguise starts to fade and some of this flower’s citrus qualities emerge. This flicker of citrus is grounded by an earthy fist from the heavens. This smoke is big-bodied and should not be taken lightly despite it’s benign nature. A large hit could be as foolish as antagonizing The Hulk and boy, “You would not like him when he’s angry.”



Moments into the session, my face feels as if it is being washed over by a wave of relaxing lava. The earthy warmth snaked behind my ears and trickled down to relax my shoulders. My mind was ultimately stimulated, conversation and ideas flow freely and loosely. Like a friend trying to cover your eyes, the consuming indica qualities of the OG Kush snuck up carefully. A relatively intense body stone goes nearly unnoticed in the wake of the soaring charismatic high of Bruce Banner. The stone leaves you comfortably entombed in your being and distracted from your surroundings. I’m smoking in my truck, consistently rocked by the waves of cars whipping past to the nearest television playing the Seahawks game. This type of ‘traffic’ would usually cause enormous paranoia, but I couldn’t be bothered to do anything other than continue smoking and try to place the essences of this divine flower.

If I had to guess why this strain is called ‘Bruce Banner’ it would be that it has the capacity to subdue The Hulk himself. I was immune to any bothersome natures in my surroundings leaving me with a carefree feeling. I would like to think the presence of CBD in this flower played a part in the general sense of calm and comfort I basked in. Merely two bowls in, I couldn’t imagine a thing that could disrupt my profound peace of mind in this moment.



This jolly green giant has been a great friend to me today. I was seduced by the docile flowery smoke and the high that accompanied it. The high offers a casual out-of-body experience that is positively delightful. I would suspect that the calm, soothing, and healing nature of this flower would be valued for medicinal patients. With tremendous amounts of THC and a presence of precious CBD, Bruce Banner is truly the best of both worlds and appetizing to any level of smoker. I want to thank Elevate for another truly top shelf experience with this strain.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs





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