Cherry Pie by Leaph

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Cherry Pie by Leaph


Cherry Pie by Leaph

Cherry Pie is our next and final stop on Grandaddy Purple appreciation week. Cherry Pie is one of my all-time favorite genetic combinations. Just Durban Poison and Grandaddy Purple, in love and making babies. I love this strain because it takes the knockout stone of GDP and adds some extra dimensions via the sativa high of Durban Poison. I am very anxious to see how Leaph has enhanced this strain in their own ways considering how amazing their Cactus was the other week.

Leaph’s Cherry Pie comes in at 18.33% THC, which is surprising considering Cactus came in at 28% or something insane like that. I’ve been at this long enough to not judge a strain by it’s THC content, there are some serious ‘low’ THC strains that will melt your face off. If anything, by this point, I look at lower THC strains from reputable growers as passion projects that will erupt with flavor.  The first sign of the level of care that Leaph puts into their flower is the physical aesthetic. This flower’s appearance changes dramatically throughout but each version is equally as stunning as the last.

Which of the two images above is weed and which is a starry sky? After awhile you may just lose track. At points, this flower is painted jet black brought to life only by the sea of trichomes that lays upon it. A night sky complimented with small tufts of blonde hair. Other regions of the flower, ignite a golden aura as light reflects off of gorgeous green leaves that are baked in fiery orange hairs.


Such an array of color in a single flower is one of my favorite things about Cannabis. I love inspecting the brilliance of top shelf bud and appreciating its intricacies. I am sure there is an explosion of flavor within this flower. The buds are dense and carry very snugly to the stem. However, this bud was cured so well that even a little pressure is enough to knock most of the green right off. These convenient purple nuggets roll away but leave a trail of dank smog that hovers in the air. This impressively cured, though recently harvested, flower grinds with almost no resistance into a mess of golden herbage.

First impression of the aroma, is an aggressive berry that penetrates and singes your nostrils. This brings me great nostalgia as it is reminiscent of some phenomenal GDP I once scored in New Orleans. As I am stabbed with pungent berry, the sharp throat tickle is massaged down by an earthy and fruity presence. There is also a small but equal presence of lavender and ‘wood’ flavor. The formidable smell is like a jacuzzi, it’s a little harsh at first. Once you adjust to the temperature,  you’re going to want to stay in it for a few more minutes. Sweet berry Miss Mary! I finally see what Warrant was so stoked about!


“She’s maaah Cherry Pie, cool drink of water such a sweet surprise! Look so good, bring a tear to ya eye! Sweeet Cherry Pie, yeah.”

Warrant. Look at these knuckleheads. Smoke enough of this monster and I’m sure you’ll end up looking just like them…or worse.


Stab me once…shame on me. Stab me twice…shame on this tree. My lord, this flower smokes just as hard as it smells. A thick berry cloud swings into you like a wrecking ball. A sharp earthiness is set afire by light lavender undertones. I love the flavor of this smoke, however, the combination of the flavor can be quite harsh and a round of bowls can potentially turn into an endurance contest. The docile beast I thought I was approaching turned out to have chainsaws for arms. I see Cherry Pie being an ideal hybrid for more indica savvy smokers that choose to venture a little closer to the sativa-hybrid line. While the sativa elements of  its Durban Poison parent are present, this flower smokes like a 80/20 split so expect a predominately indica high.

With every breath I bask in additional layers of berry cool flavor. While uncompromisingly relaxed my taste buds were entertained by the semi-citrus earthiness brought on by the Durban Poison’s marriage to GDP. Inhale. Exhale. Each hit gets smoother and smoother and the traces of lavender become more and more prevalent. My mind is light, and far from me, if I had any prior anxieties they would have surely melted anyway. I sluggishly pondered how great I felt and what else I had to do today. My mind was aroused and I was able to think with clarity. The indica made all of the ‘connections’ smooth and at a comfortable pace. I would definitely declare this as a ‘sit back and think’ weed. This flower is a good friend of mine and if you give it your time, you’ll find it’s kind. (God, I’m high)

Let’s wrap it up…


Leaph knocked it out of the park with this production of Cherry Pie. I intend to cherish the always fashionable sticker that accommodated my bag to remember this knockout production. I have to come to rely on Leaph for beautiful flower coated in trichomes that I can count on to taste great and impress guests. Cherry Pie was already one of my favorite strains, but now the goal is to decide who grows it best. Other producers better look out with Leaph’s Cherry Pie on the rise! Something this flavorful and stimulating to compliment the famous Grandaddy high was an excellent way to end GDP appreciation week. After smoking all of this amazing purple this week, it has me thinking…

I have some awesome reviews in store for this upcoming week! Thanks for checking us out and as always;

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs


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