Key Lime Pie by Elevate Cannabis Co.

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Key Lime Pie by Elevate Cannabis


Happy New Year!  This year, I made my resolution in the freshly fallen snow of 2017!
Key Lime Pie by Elevate Cannabis Co.
New year, new lungs…or something. Either way, I’m very excited to start off 2017 by continuing Grandaddy Purple appreciation week. To ignite the new year, I am sparking Key Lime Pie by Elevate Cannabis. Elevate is a popular grower in the Seattle area and I have been intending on getting more familiar. Key Lime Pie is an indica-dominant hybrid coming in at 20.9% THC. Key Lime Pie has a somewhat complex lineage that I feel is best represented through this chart:
First impression upon smelling this flower was an alluring tangy quality. Difficult to place, but a dominant presence of sweet citrus and berry. Sweet unlike the natural way of fruit, like a sugar, raw sucrose, candy. Grounded in earthiness, the end of the sniff seems to let off a tartness, which I might imply is where the creator got the ‘lime’ from. One thing is for sure, that this bud has some serious presence. It has so many palpable flavors it is distracting when trying to isolate just one of the notes.
This flower continues to impress beyond the complex aroma. This flower resembles caviar the way it’s trichomes cling to the dense foliage in amber chunks. It looks like this flower grows crumble. Decorated in it’s formidable yellow frost Key Lime Pie is a healthy forest green. This hue continues on to represent splendors of yellow-gold leaves made to look like phantoms as they are buried under the abundance of THC. These frosted flakes dance with radiant orange hairs that cling to every inch of this plant. Built like a true indica-hybrid powerhouse, this dense flower structure gives me great confidence in this new venture.
If you are bold enough to put a flame to this baby…my lord. I was hit with a riot of flavor. The strongest of the brawlers was a violent note of sharp citrus, an angry lemon haze. The next flavor was a heavy earthy burn that dwelled in the back of my throat. Throughout this dank cloud’s introduction my senses were massaged by sweet fruit flavor. The tart and tang nature of the smoke tastes more and more like lime the more I continued. This bud is not for the noobie, as the competing flavors of this flower invite enormous coughing fits into your life. There is a careful sweetness crafted throughout the smoke tempered by the collaboration of Cherry Pie, Durban Poison, and OG Kush.
This bud was cured masterfully, but I wonder if the ‘too much of a good thing’ cliche is present with this strain. I felt like the qualities I love about Cherry Pie were lost within the reintroduction of Durban Poison and OG Kush. There were some light lavender-berry qualities in the smoke. The ‘Key Lime’ enhancement is definitely potent, I was just expecting something more resemblant of it’s Cherry Pie mother. Ground up, this bud is a dazzling salad of golden greens cradled by a sea of mashed trichomes.
screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-1-14-45-pmIn this case, the change is good. I continued smoking the strain and fell in love with it’s outspoken nuances. It’s like getting to smoke a tart-lemon haze that doesn’t send you off into space, but melts you deeper into your being. This strain emphasizes comfort and relaxation. Any drowsiness is ignored by the powerful engine of Durban Poison. Durban Poison’s inclusion always drive an uplifting, motivated high. For what is labeled as an ‘indica’ I have to say that it feels more like a 50-50 or 40-60 split in favor of sativa.
I love any weed that promotes creativity and drive under the blanket of an indica. All of the rumors are true and Elevate doesn’t disappoint. The weed is harvested recently yet still cured to a crunch. Terpenes are not something this grower ignores because this flower rocks with flavor. With virtually no comedown, I have to give props to Durban Poison for keeping this indica heavy warship afloat. I was fully expecting to be knocked out, much less stimulated and able bodied.  I will surely continue to pick up nuggets from Elevate and see what other strains they surely do justice. Expect another review tomorrow or Tuesday depending on the weather.
Stay high and stay blessed,
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