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Purple Champagne by Top Shelf



Purple Champagne by #TopShelfWA

This week I didn’t intend all of my review strains to be the offspring of Grandaddy Purple (GDP) but I am sure glad it worked out that way. We’re in for a delicious indica-heavy week as we start with Purple Champagne by Top Shelf. I’ve never smoked Purple Champagne before but the grower produced a crop of amazing Dutch Hawaiian that I loved. I nearly forgot about them, until I went to an irregular spot to pick up some dabs.

Purple Champagne is a cross of Grandaddy Purple and Pink Champagne. With 22% THC and an astounding aroma, this light complexioned bud is going to be dangerous. Ranging from a meadow green to a light, near-white lime color the strain is coated in hairs. Dark orange hairs hug tightly to the chest of the main flower, another colony of kind bronze hairs jet out like spider legs. The pale nature of this flower is emphasized with the occasional ‘so purple it’s black’ leaf.



The smell of this bud is phenomenal. On first impression, I was hit with a stampede of sweet berry and grape aroma. Grape is the most dominant of the scents, but a sharp tropical smell of lime also radiates from these nuclear nugs. There’s something more too, something richer, heavy…the true essence of dank. I am hesitant to try and place this last odor as lavender. But that smooth, ‘chokey’ smell is registering as a lavender strain.

Ground up, the flower is a sea of a yellow green sparkling with crystals. This puree of dank crackles with that grape-lavender odor, it nearly singes my nostrils. On the inhale, my tongue basked in a tornado of grape flavor. As the whirlwind of grape settles my throat is tickled by a pungency similar to diesel. A sweet-lime diesel aftertaste. The cocktail of fruity goodness coaches the smoke into your lungs again and again. The choking from it’s diesel-like potency is nullified, if not balanced by it’s other friendly qualities. More simply put, Purple Champagne is like smoking a Capri Sun mixed with a Grape Lollipop followed by a frosty lime finish.


As I bathe in the flavor of this spectacular weed, my skull feels as if it was replaced by a styrofoam replica. Each rectangular piece nuzzled perfectly into the other. It was pretty weird. I experienced an intense body high almost exclusively on my upper body. Initially, my mind was almost unaffected so I explored the intense body stone. I could move around just fine, experienced no couch lock, but felt heavy and encumbered by any major gesture. The body high I found to calm and settle into my styrofoam skull.

I stood out in the morning cold struggling through the rest of my wake n’ bake. I was warm, comfortable, and satisfied in both my state of mind and literal hunger. I had a sharp headache this morning, and while Purple Champagne provides an intense ‘head body-stone’ it didn’t do much to alleviate my headache. However, it definitely didn’t make it worse, if anything it probably distracted me from the pain more than I gave it credit.

Prolonged smoking left me with semi-severe cotton mouth and as soon as you start smoking this powerful strain your eyelids drop like limousine dividers. At a certain point, I couldn’t even be bothered with the amount of effort it took to look above eye level. Rest assured, looking down is still no problem! hehe. Upon further exploration I might be inclined to say there mild psychedelic effects associated with this flower. Nothing too intense, it just felt as if everything’s state of being was set one degree off of it’s usual self. Maybe I am going too far, but I am sure some of you know what I mean.



Purple Champagne was an amazing way to rediscover Top Shelf as a grower. For a grower pricing on par with 50 Fold I expect the best…and Top Shelf rivals them every step of the way. To anyone looking for a terpene-based rollercoaster I recommend this smoke. It’s like grape flavored quick sand…delicious but it will slow you down for sure. I’m gonna take another dip into this bad boy then head to work!

Stay high and stay blessed!

Kushman Bonglegs

All photos taken by me.


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