God’s Gift by Fifty Fold

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God’s Gift by Fifty Fold


God’s Gift by Fifty Fold

As the legend goes inside the ark of the covenant lies the 10 commandments. Recent unearthing of this relic revealed no stone tablets…but something far more powerful…

An indica dominant child of Grandaddy Purple and OG Kush. The earth shook with the discovery of this legendary bud. I cannot even neutralize my bias, this is hands down one of the best strains I have ever encountered. Manicured by the artists at Fifty Fold, this 80% indica boasts a THC total of 21.58%. They only harvest four times a year and getting your hands on anything grown by them is simply sublime.


God’s Gift is simply stunning to look at in person. Rich green decorated with a ton of vibrant orange hairs. The dark green color seamlessly transitions into dark forests of purple. There is nothing I love more than purple weed. Completely coated in trichomes the smell is even more enticing than it’s appearance.

Grandaddy Purple is hands down my favorite strain. God’s Gift embodies all of it’s best qualities so perfectly, it is hard not to fall in love. Coupled with the always potent partner of OG Kush this flower reeks of citrus and berry. I salivate when I smell this weed. You could make this strain into a candle and cash out. Even cracking the jar slightly results in the room being flooded with it’s viciously dank aroma. I’ve had people tell me they could smell me smoking it from two blocks away.

The inhale is sharp and sweet, but instantly blunted with the intoxicating sweetness of berry. The careful fragrance tiptoes into your lungs and then hits hard with a citrus bodyslam. Smoking this strain is similar to a sword and shield. The sword being the sharp and earthy citrus from OG Kush that is responsible for the coughing. The GDP, the shield, that coats your body in smooth berry coolness. Even as I stand outside in 30 degree weather, I am so comfortable I could almost stand here all day. Almost being the operative word there…

I regard this strain highly as I consider it to be my personal medicine. As I smoke it, I am slowly washed over by building waves of calm. This calm isn’t sedative and I find that this strain promotes surges of creativity. Unlike some ‘crack sativa’ interpretations of creative influence this bud coaches your ideas along at a comfortable pace.

If I had to summarize the effects of this bud in one word; Harmony. The sweet lemon berry flavor lures you into hit after hit as it rockets you to another plane of existence. Before you know it, you are in a different world. A softer, friendlier world. Not soft as in I am driven to plow my head into concrete, but soft in the way that all my surroundings appear unnaturally inviting. Even the concrete tiles I blaze upon now, my mind is trying to convince me that muddy, wet concrete tiles would be an ideal place to lie down. This level of harmonious relaxation could best be described through the animated nature of Disney.



I always try to resist gushing over Fifty Fold, but I believe in praising a job well done. I’ve smoked every strain they offer and they are just relentless in their approach to quality. If you can get your hands on God’s Gift or any flower from them you will surely enjoy it. I am filled with sorrow as I will surely burn through the rest of this amazing flower within the next couple days… The bittersweetness of being a stoner.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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