Lemonder by Seattle’s Private Reserve

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Lemonder by Seattle’s Private Reserve



Lemonder by Seattle’s Private Reserve

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

In the spirit of appreciating beautiful trees, I did my fifth review on Lemonder by Seattle’s Private Reserve. Lemonder is a rare hybrid of Lavender and the legendary OG Kush. This flower is coated in crystals,Lemonder has a THC content of 18.71% and a CBD total of .44%. I’ve tried a few strains from Seattle’s Private Reserve, some of good quality and others that left something to be desired. I am always trying to remain open minded, so I happily dance with Seattle’s Private Reserve once again today!

This bud is so beautiful to to look at, it’s phenotype is what attracted it to me initially. Even bound in it’s packaging the visible leaves shimmer with trichomes. It truly looks like it should test at 34% not 18. I photographed this strain over two days and am amazed by how different the flower looks in the varied light. Check out these crystals.



I swear to Jeebus that these photos are all the exact same flowers just on different days. The first set of photos looks like a frosty meadow and the next look like the meadow was annihilated by a blizzard.

While the snowy blanket of white trichomes are enchanting, I was disappointed in the structure of the bud. I got mostly popcorn nuggets and the ones that were larger were very stemmy. It may just be the way the plant grows, but I feel like I got a lot of stem where the flower should have just been plucked off. I’ve smoked many of OG Kush’s children and mixing it with a short bushy indica like Lavender should not have this result. Aside from the weird trimming, this gorgeous flower is ready to blaze.


On first impression, the bud emits a strong citrus-floral scent. The odor is limonene dominant, resembling a primo OG Kush. I am unfamiliar with it’s other parent, Lavender, but I have to assume that is where the soft floral aroma comes from. I am hesitant to place the floral scent as lavender just for its namesake. Independent of origin, this strain smells absolutely amazing and if it holds true for the smoke, I expect a real treat.

The flower is a rich hue of forest green freckled with white dust. With little to no hairs, the ones that are present boast a timid tangerine color. The hairs emerge in little clusters with a few other tendrils, the clusters are scarce. Ground up, the flower reveals itself to be a bright lime green that seemed to dominate and bury the rich layer of white trichomes.


This strain smokes similar to a talented OG Kush. This strain has been very versatile in both its physical appearance and it’s flavor profile. While the smell is a sweet citrus with floral undertones the smoke actually resembles OG with a diesel aftertaste. This strain encourages a blank stare off into the distance as you catch up to your new fluent train of thought.

The high is balanced in both its approach and how it settles. The sativa carried over from the OG Kush encourages unique ideas and promotes a stimulating conversation. If desired, the ‘up’ of the sativa can be coerced to drown in the euphoric body high. I struggled to tie my thoughts to words as the pleasurable Lemonder high coursed through my body. Ā The warming body high neutralizes any discomfort from intermittent coughing fits. Some coughing is brought on by the pungent citrus-diesel essence on the exhale.

Lemonder is a complex strain with a misleading odor. The light citrus smell invites you into a formidable smoke. This strain smokes like an OG Kush and should be sought out by any Kush fanatic. I am still unsure of what role Lavender played in the profile, I will have to seek some out to isolate its qualities. This indica-dominant hybrid is by far the best one I have encountered from Seattle’s Private Reserve so far.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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  1. Another thing to keep in mind when contemplating this formidable strain is its Super Lemon Haze heritage. OG Kush, Lavender, and the Lemon Haze – inspired genetics to be sure. Also the Lavender is a genetic marvel with parentage including two Skunks and an Afghani-Hawaiian
    Strain. Thank you for the informative and insightful reviews and for your love of Cannabis.

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