Hash Plant by Coastal Cannabis

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Hash Plant by Coastal Cannabis

Hash Plant by Coastal Cannabis

My fourth review will be Hash Plant by Coastal Cannabis. Hash Plant is known for being a knockout indica best reserved for late at night. However, I chose to wake n’ bake the strain for this review as I do for the others. It’s always an interesting experience battling the heavy anesthetic with your revived spirit.  Due to Seattle’s freezing rain weather lately, I had to photograph these nugs inside. I try to wait until I can use natural sunlight to illuminate those juicy trichomes, but the weather gods were just not having it. Now that I have made my excuses for the photo quality, let’s charge head on into one of the most famous indica strains of all time. Hash Plant.

Hash Plant comes in at 25.24% THC and is a master-bred offspring of Afghani and Northern Lights. Hash Plant represents nearly the whole spectrum of green color. Seductive dark leaves are painted white with trichomes. The disguised dark leaves are highlighted with a pale lime hue that illuminates surface edges on each leaf. While some highs are known to be multi-faceted, this strain is almost exclusively known as an extremely potent lullaby.

On first impression, I detected a strong earthy scent. The odor is sharp bringing out spikes of herbal-spicy undertones. When breaking apart the flower, short pockets of a sweet-woodland smell tickled my sinuses. I’d bet that the earthy spice will continue to be it’s identity into the smoke test as well.


The buds cluster into dense balls along the narrow and spindly stem. Short bushy nuggets are overshadowed by long amber-brown hairs. Certain nugs reminded me of Cousin Itt from the Addams Family. When ground up, the hash plant becomes a gold powder defying it’s complex exterior. The earthy-spicy odor resembles a very fine hash.
The flavor of Hash Plant is predominately what I would call an earthy sweetness. ‘Sweet’ was probably the last thing I detected, but ‘sweet’ in the way that a wood could be considered such. The smoke is mostly peppery and spicy with an herbal base. It would be rough if it weren’t for the subtle earthy sweetness it is grounded in. I would expect to cough, I had my fair share of coughing spells during some legendary rips I took off of this Hash Plant.
Upon impact, Hash Plant nails you with a seismic body stone. It doesn’t sound relaxing, but my body felt like it was vibrating. My extremities weren’t moving, it was like some massage bubble that took place somewhere between my skin and muscles. Distracted from that sensation, I felt momentarily energized like I had just been nailed in the face in an overly aggressive pillow fight. My second wind quickly peters out as I struggle to clear the last of my bowl so I can bolt upstairs and start writing.
 ***FFFffffffhewwwwtt*** (thats my blowgun noise)
The Hash Plant took hold. I would swear that I was ambushed by blow gunners and struck with tranquilizers. Body still flooded with comfort, the definition of getting ‘stoned’ became very literal. This all took place in an instant while I was trudging upstairs towards my computer. My limbs slowly turned to stone and any movement shortly became a chore. This bud is definitely a creeper, but it doesn’t wait long. I consider myself to be an indica heavyweight, though I am definitely struggling not to abandon this article and relocate my bed.
The extreme sedation starts to dull after about an hour or so after smoking. I found this version of Hash Plant to do the legends justice. Coastal Cannabis takes their time to produce top shelf cannabis and I am anxious to explore their strains that won’t leave me unconscious in an alley. I say that light-heartedly since I regard this strain highly.
I thank Coastal Cannabis for taking their time but also providing recently harvested product. I will definitely maintain Hash Plant in my arsenal for a lazy Sunday or on a night where I’ve had too much coffee. In short, this is a great way to smoke ‘hash’ without incinerating balls of resin. You lose the subtle harshness of true hash but gain the light elegance of smoking some primo flower.
Stay high and stay blessed,
Kushman Bonglegs

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