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Cactus by Leaph


Cactus by Leaph
After some frustrating days of photography, I have postponed long enough! For my third review I chose to review an intriguing sativa by the name of Cactus. I had never heard of it, but 28.68% THC and that element of mystery was all I needed to commit. I’ve been meaning to get further exposed to Leaph as a grower, they are known in Washington for producing some premium flower.
I know that it is what is inside the packaging that matters, but I just want to take a moment to appreciate what they’ve done. Each strain has rotating designs by professional artists, and better yet a sticker is inside with your bud! I guess it’s the kid in me, but I will always be wooed by cool stickers and pretty colors.
Strap up your boots soldiers, the complexion of this strain reminds me of ‘army’ green and I believe it would be an effective camouflage if ever necessary. Bristled with dark orange hairs, dense buds cluster tightly accentuated by the occasional pale green leaf.
The jungle-worthy green is highlighted by an abundance of white and amber crystals.
Upon first impression, my head was nearly taken off by the jet stream of fresh pine that erupted from the bag. *Sci-Fi movie voice* “What Have I Done?!?” Laced with traces of citrus, the smell was as enticing as it was potent. There are very heavy earthy undertones.
I was actually testing this strain at a buddy’s house while he was growing something that smelled quite similar. Blue Mountain Jamaican I think it was, the razor-sharp freshness complimented with the essence of sweet berries was very present in that strain as well.
Well-cured, this bud is ready to snap away at the touch. Every break floods the air with it’s fresh aroma and launches kief into the distance. Contrary to its exterior, when disassembled the flower reveals to be a green touched with gold hues. Still powdered with trichomes this baby is just aching to be smoked.
An incredibly smooth inhale delivers a bank of earthy goodness into the back of your throat. This strain is definitely a choker and should be smoked slowly if you don’t want its other complexities dominated by its abundance of hashy flavor. Following the hash-like impression is a little kiss of citrus that rewards those who endure the forefront. Charmed by it’s subtle sweetness, it was an absolute joy to smoke.
Like it’s flavor, the high comes on strong at first and I actually needed to just chill out for a bit before I smoked the second bowl…which is unusual. While it is undoubtedly a sativa, I am perplexed by the intense body stone that accompanies it. I would definitely recommend smoking this strain before watching a movie or getting dinner. An activity that requires you to be an active participant, but is stationary. You will be conversational, but you really won’t feel like moving. Paralyzed by relaxation and thought, you are just too comfortable. I guess that may be why it is called Cactus. You become a cactus after you smoke it and not even the sweltering desert sun could harsh your vibe.
I didn’t know what to expect from this strain, but I was not at all disappointed. For a sativa, it sure didn’t feel like one. I definitely recommend this to heavy indica smokers that are looking for something mellow to drive them through their day.
Stay high and stay blessed,
Kushman Bonglegs

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