Blueberry Headband by Fifty Fold


Preface : Headband the Loch Ness Monster


I feel in order to do this strain and grower justice I must preface this review with a short story explaining my unique sensitivity to Headband strains:

Centuries ago…

I was around a sophomore in high school, and as I often did I met with a friend of mine, Ryan, to smoke after school. Among all the sketchy dealers we had encountered in plundering and pursuit of good black market deals… there was one mystery man I never had the pleasure of meeting. So this dude’s name was Trapp and every once in a while we’d have the pleasure of getting to wait for an hour in Bridgeport, Connecticut to get a mere couple grams of this gypsy’s magical flower. Constantly looking over our shoulders and gripping our bundle of cash for a well-executed ‘dap’ was always well worth it.

This was the day I first encountered ‘headband’ not blackberry headband, or blueberry headband…but headband. It was a dense, dark, predominately purple nug mummified in orange hairs that reeked of lemons and diesel. After only a few hits of this, my mind was spiraling into other dimensions and my body was engulfed in euphoria. Ever since that day I have never been able to isolate a headband like that and it is one of my primary drives behind my exploration of the Cannabis realm. Needless to say, I have weird standards for headband and am constantly frustrated by lackluster crosses. But that brings me to my next point.

Fifty Fold, do you know why they are called that? Have you ever tried to fold a piece of paper 50 times? Stemming from an old tale, it is an impossible feat, but that is the level of precision and care they put into growing and curing their marijuana. They also are the growers that taught me that THC % doesn’t truly matter if the bud has been grown masterfully. So I charge in headstrong toward their only strain I haven’t tried…

                                             Blueberry HeadbandDUN dun DUNN!!!


Blueberry Headband by Fifty Fold

Happy Sundaze everybody! For my second review I chose Blueberry Headband by the titans at Fifty Fold. They are a super small operation that provides supreme bud. Best summarized by their slogan “The Highest Shelf; Grown for Me, Shared with You.”

This Blueberry Headband is a 50/50 hybrid with Blueberry and Headband. Headband is Sour Diesel x OG Kush, so with these legendary parents I always expect big results. Tested at 18.61% THC it seems to be a ‘little’ on the low-end considering most of their strains test for 21%-34% THC, but Fifty Fold has never disappointed me so I went into this wholeheartedly.  The colas are an unearthly hue of dark green coated with shimmering trichomes. The leaves are somewhat long and stout. They snap right off, cured to perfection. As I break down the bud, I inhale deeply trying to further place the scents.

My long familiarity with headband strains helped me place some of the terpenes. The first sniffs brought up a sour notes with a strong blueberry curve. The light tingling of diesel was a nostalgic experience for me, Sour Diesel was and still is so wildly popular in the Northeast where I grew up. In my experience, such complex diesel strains cause you to jerk your head back from the pungent odor. But in this flower, the blueberry nerfs the sharpness of the headband in a way that is both soothing and seductive.

As I snapped the beautiful crystal-coated flowers under my nose I was hit with a completely different profile. The sweet earthiness of blueberry drowns in the overwhelming presence of the sweet, limonene-heavy OG Kush erupting from the freshly broken leaf. It was like the Johnstown Flood of 1889, the way the OG washed over and enveloped all other frequencies. Perhaps that is not the best analogy.

My point is that the in the Blueberry Headband’s lineage; OG kush is definitely so far the most present and the smoke test  will reveal if it continues to dominate the other parents. The other parents being Sour Diesel and Blueberry, of course.


Upon inhalation, I am hit with an echo of diesel essence that is quickly paved over by the strong citrus flavor of OG Kush. The Blueberry is a constant mellow baseline while you hold in your hit and it ensures a smooth exhale. The aftertaste was actually surprisingly peppery, but still very pleasant. It was like a lemony-pepper exhale with the tones of blueberry, quite excellent. Fifty Fold never disappoints. They claim a 50/50 hybrid but I would guess this was at least an 80% sativa as it sent my mind spiraling. I had so many ideas I barely ran out on the bowl to get to my computer and start writing! As always I smoked about a half gram delicately packed in my freshly cleaned sherlock pipe.

For those who are already wary of sativa effects and prefer indica, the uplifting and active high from the Headband is mellowed by the calming cool of Blueberry. I felt comfortable, relaxed, and at peace…complimented with a driven desire to create something. I think this particular strain is excellent for artists or deep thinkers. To be honest, I want to finish this up to go enjoy another bowl and refresh with my medicinal muse.

Yeah I’m gonna go do that.

Blueberry Headband by Fifty Fold wasn’t as ‘headband’ as I would’ve liked, however, it is a delectable strain from a grower who I hope will continue to be one of my absolute favorites. I will continue to try new things and review without bias, but it is so hard to go to a dispensary and not buy some of Fifty Fold’s Presidential Kush or God’s Gift **hint** So I’ll probably review one of those before long, I always keep them on hand.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs




(All photos are taken by me)






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