Corn Bread Bubba by Royal Tree Gardens

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Corn Bread Bubba by Royal Tree Gardens


If only this is what cornbread tasted like…wooahhmygod.

For my first review I chose Corn Bread Bubba by Royal Tree Gardens. I have never tried any flower of this strain or particular grower before so I thought it would be exciting to explore a strain that was completely new to me on a public platform. Marijuana is probably my favorite way to gamble, taking a shot in the dark can often lead you to the new best thing…as it did in this case.

Corn Bread Bubba is not only insanely fun to say, but it is a beautifully cured indica dominant hybrid that flies in  at about 26.6% THC. In a compact trichome dusted nug, varied tones of rich forest green are accentuated by stealthy dark purple clusters. Bubba is coated in friendly orange hairs that nearly reach out to grab your hand.

Upon first impression, I detected a strong ‘fresh’ smell. I can only further describe it as a sweet-pine with touches of a lemon-berry-like fruit. I was very hesitant to place it as lemon. I would expect that pinene was also a strong element in the terpene profile, I often credit such ferocious fresh odor to it. Pinene coupled with Myrcene or Limonene always makes for my favorite strains, so I knew I was in for a treat…I didn’t yet know how literally.

I smoked a fat bowl. So smooth upon inhalation that I wasn’t sure if my freshly cleaned pipe had clogged by means of poltergeist or some multi-dimensional being. While I held my breathe, a light flowery essence tickled my core as it invited me to let go of the dank cloud seconds later. Realizing I had been bamboozled by its calm invitation, my tongue was stunned by an orchestra of flavor. I am forced to say it was so reminiscent of a Dutch + Hawaiian Cross. The Hawaiian would explain the enticing tropical-lemon like forefront and the stimulating sativa sensation. The dutch would explain that very unusual but rewarding flavor of ‘Dutch Berry.’ But this analysis doesn’t lean much in the way of indica dominance so there has to be something else going on as well. I do not mean to demean this strain by comparing it to another, it just helps me profile the marijuana strain in my own mental codex. This bud is nothing short of phenomenal and should not be placed with all the rest. I have infinite respect for the growers that take their time, especially in these explosive markets. It is so easy to focus on meeting quotas and skip steps, but the guys at Royal Tree Gardens cut absolutely no corners!

Ground up, Corn Bread Bubba is a spectrum of lively green leaf dusted in gold and cropped over by orange tendrils. It is a heavy-hitter that lets you down easy. There is virtually no couch-lock and I feel inspired, creative, and apparently motivated enough to write all of this right now and have a great time doing it. I can picture this strain to be perfect for a wake n’ bake or a fun, active evening on the town.  I feel very lucky to have crossed paths with Royal Tree Gardens and I am sure this is the start of a great relationship. As for Corn Bread Bubba, he’s family now…and he’s definitely coming over for Christmas!


Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs




(all photos were taken by me)


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