Golden Gage by H.O.C.

Golden Gage by House of Cultivar Welcome back to toasted n’ posted for another sensory expedition. Today, I can hardly ‘Gage’ my excitement as I’ve been eager to review this strain for some time. Golden Gage is the name and bountiful tithes of citrus is the game. A sativa-hybrid cross of Joseph OG and Golden […]

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Cherry Cake by H.O.C.

Cherry Cake by House of Cultivar Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where I am proud to announce we have surpassed our 200 review mark. For our 201st post, we will be revisiting a modern evolution of a beloved classic. Here, we have Cherry Cake. Cherry Cake is an indica hybrid cross of Cherry Pie […]

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White Larry by Bubba

White Larry by Bubba Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we explore the furthest and dankest corners of Washington in hopes of grand discovery. Where does our search lead us today? Right into the heart of White Larry. As its name implies, this indica-dominant hybrid is the culmination of Larry OG and The White. […]

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Sugar Biscuits by Cloud Nine

Sugar Biscuits by Cloud Nine Farms Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! I apologize for the brief hiatus as my iMac decided to implode its own brain. For the foreseeable future, the galleries I post will be supremely stinted. Now, composing from a laptop that contests the age of current high school students, the quest […]

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Ice Cream Cake by NW Connoisseurs

Ice Cream Cake by Northwest Connoisseurs Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we take the cake in strain analysis. Pun fully intended, we will be tearing through Ice Cream Cake. I don’t typically review a brand twice in such close succession, obvious circumstances excluded, but Northwest Connoisseurs has a tantalizing lineup. I find it […]

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Mimosa #6 by Constellation Cannabis

Mimosa #6 by Constellation Cannabis Welcome back to toasted n’ posted after a brief birthday hiatus. I am overjoyed to return to my precious treasure trove of top shelf strains. Tonight will debut the christening review of Constellation Cannabis. I’ve had some of their insane infused prerolls and I was convinced that their flower was […]

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